Why you should never get involved in a Ponzi scheme…

“Get rich quick” – a tempting message, but fraught with all sorts of problems. Most get rick quick schemes are Ponzi schemes – unfeasibly large returns are paid out to early investors by simply using later investors funds. The problems with Ponzi schemes are many…

  1. ALL Ponzi schemes are ILLEGAL. Period!
  2. By taking part in a Ponzi scheme (“everything carries risk, it’s my money so I can do what I want” is the usual argument) you could be funding terrorism or people trafficking. Don’t believe me? Check out this story
  3. By being “soft” on Ponzi schemes, you are turning a blind eye to fraud. If someone was stealing money from your best friends bank account, you’d want to stop it? So why not try to stop fraud from other people?
  4. ALL Ponzi schemes FAIL (mathematically they always run out of enough new investor funds to keep the unfeasibly large payouts to the earlier investors)
  5. Most people involved with a Ponzi will LOSE money. You never know when it will collapse or when the owners will simply decide to run off with your money. It’s a STUPID game to get involved with as not only is it illegal and immoral but the odds are massively stacked against you anyway.

There are SOOO many Ponzi schemes out there today offering enormously high daily, weekly or monthly returns and yet people seem to be falling for them in ever greater numbers. Please get real and let’s stop the madness, lies and deception.

Oh. by the way, anything labelled as an “HYIP” (High Yield Investment Program) is a Ponzi. NO exception. AVOID.

Hope this helps you keep your money safe.