I notice whenever people try to break into the affiliate marketing industry, they very often have excuses ready

“I don’t have any money”

“I’m too busy”

“I’m not really good at technical stuff.”

They make excuses before they even start…it’s like they’re already preparing themselves for failure.

Most excuses are made to for ego-protection – they don’t want to feel as if they failed because they didn’t work hard enough or weren’t smart enough, so blaming other things makes it easier.

I’ve seen 16 year old affiliates, I’ve seen 60 year old affiliates, I’ve seen women affiliates, I’ve seen affiliates from really poor countries like India, most of the industry doesn’t have a college degree, etc. Whatever excuse you have is not valid. No matter how bad your situation is, I guarantee you that many people have had it worse and still succeeded.

You just have to play the cards you’re dealt with in life to the best of your ability, and not waste energy wishing you had better cards.

I’m a huge fan of having smaller, but realistic goals. I wasn’t trying to be a millionaire, I just wanted to make enough to quit my full time job.

My thinking was quite simple; the more you practice at something, the better you get.

  • No confidence to do a video on YouTube? Do it 100 times and you will improve!
  • Suck at Chess? Play 500 games online and you will get better
  • No good at writing? Spend 30 minutes writing every single day and you’ll see the results.

Affiliate marketing is a SKILL, not a talent. The great thing about a skill is that it is LEARNED (to learn something you make lots of mistakes and adjust what you do to avoid those mistakes again – embrace mistakes, they are GOOD for you).

The mistake that most people make is they believe that there’s a magic bullet in a forum or a blog post. They read, read, read and never implement what they learn. The problem with reading and no action is you don’t have the right perspective to understand the material.

Everyone’s so impatient and wants instant results – these kind of people don’t achieve their goals

Take things one step at a time, small steps, realistic steps. Aim to earn $10 first and then earning $100 will be easy, and after than $1,000 etc. Keep one eye on the end goal, but the other eye clearly on the ground looking at your next step.

And above all, have fun!. Thanks for reading – please comment below.

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14 responses to “What’s your excuse?”

  1. Great advice .as usual

    1. Great .

      1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
        Paul Hardingham

        Thanks Sally.

  2. Christine Avatar

    Very important points.

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Yes indeed. Thanks.

  3. Ada Aleyi Avatar
    Ada Aleyi

    I am really interested in internet marketing and I do hope you will show me how to go about it.

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Great. The best thing you could do at the moment is get stuck in with a real business and learn some skills by trying and failing a few times – failure is the fastest way to success because at least you’re doing something and can learn from mistakes. You’ll find 6 great businesses at my http://www.quit925.co.uk website. Pick one that appeals to you and really get stuck in. It doesn’t need to cost a lot – one of the businesses you can start for as little as $20 – and I have marketing methods at http://www.loadsmoreleads.com. Hope that helps get you on your way. Take one step at a time, and don’t try to be an expert in day 1 – no one ever is. We all started at the same place. Paul.

    2. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      yes, all the information is here.

  4. Mark Vartanian Avatar
    Mark Vartanian

    Paul I really like what you say on this page. Can you recommend any good advice or do you have a free or very low cost training program, where I can learn how to make some extra money without too much technical knowledge.Can I get a niche website for low cost, etc! Any advice will be very helpful. Thanks Alot Bud, Mark!

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the feedback. The best way to learn I think is by getting stuck in and trying. Make a few mistakes, that’s fine. No one is born an internet marketer. The faster you make mistakes, the faster you’re learn what works. Go and pick a business to work with (I list my top 6 at http://www.quit925.co.uk) and then check out some of my marketing tutorials and tips at http://www.loadsmoreleads.com. All the best, Paul.

  5. Sandra Tibble Avatar
    Sandra Tibble

    Hi Paul,

    I shared your article link on my Facebook. Hope I did not cause a blooper by doing that.

    I agree that learning skills does not take talent. The most I have learned is that if I quit learning I may as well quit. Thanks for the great tips! I appreciate it 🙂

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Hi Sandra,

      Feel free to share where you want. The more people we help, the better it is. Thanks. Paul.

  6. Thanks for your comments Paul. It is all true that most people want instant results. That is why most people quit before even trying. I
    will share this with my friends.

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Thanks for your comments.