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Chasing the dream

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Makes you think, Success Tips | Comments Off on Chasing the dream

Whilst it’s very attractive to dream about being an early investor in “the next big thing” I see a LOT of people making a massive mistake due to either the fear of missing the wave or the greed of wanting to get rick quick. Getting involved in a “start-up” business is certainly great fun and carries with it the possibilities of massive upside rewards but the reality is almost ALL start ups FAIL. This is even truer for internet based businesses where the start up risks are far smaller and hence the potential for the owners just to “give up” is much higher. They are not risking anywhere near as much as the owners of a traditional bricks and mortar business. So if you’re tempted to get involved with a start up business (for example a network marketing company)...

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