Solar Eclipse

Today we were treated with what will probably be the most dramatic solar eclipse I will ever experience in my lifetime. I will remember 2oth March 2015 for a long time. I still remember trying to get as close to the last total eclipse we had in the UK in 1999 (and failing)

I think they estimated that we had a 96% eclipse here in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and that was a great result!

The clouds were perfect – just thin enough to be able to look directly at the sun and see the eclipse without the need of a pin-hole camera.

My greatest upset was that my two children could not be at home to share the experience with my wife and I. Both schools had said that the children would not be allowed out due to “safety reason”. What a load of nonsense. All they had to do was tell the children not to look direct at the sun. It’s not a difficult instruction! My kids missed out on an event, the like if which we won’t see in this country again until 2090.

Red tape gone mad!

Here’s the video I took of the event.