Simple Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Facebook Marketing Strategy

Objective, to be able to find suitable people for your MLM and then be able to Sponsor them into your program!

Step One
Complete your Facebook profile: books, videos, sports, films TV ect…..FILL IN ALL coupled with at least portrait photo of yourself.

Step Two
Join Groups relevant to MLM (you are on FB for the primary reason of locating suitable prospects for your MLM and not there of idle chit-chat).

Step Three
When accepted in a group look through the ranks of people there, select individuals who look the part, look at their profiles and look at the OTHER things that they are interested in (films, books videos ect) that correspond to your interests.

Step Four
Send a short message along the lines of hi (name) my name is Paul Hardingham, I spotted you as we are in the same group and I noticed that you are into “personal development” (something you picked up from the things he is interested in on his profile), I wondered if you could give me any referrals of material that has impressed you. Would be great to catch up.

Step Five
Do this many times, people WILL respond as you are asking about THEM and showing a genuine interest as this person would have a lot in common with you (because you selected that specific person in the first place).

Step Six
After you have engaged and made contact and have made some “small talk”, invite your new friend to meet you at another place so that you can really talk (skype, whatsapp etc), but away from the eyes and ears of Facebook, who will close you down if you are caught “pitching”. Take your prospect over to a different platform, from where you can get to know your new contact a lot more. Ask about the other person, don`t dive in a pitch the other person is bound to be a VERY interesting person and have a lot of interests, then see how you might be able to add value.

Step Seven
Only when asked and when at the appropriate stage should you ever discuss about each other’s MLM after all your primary purpose is to develop a new friend, you already know the individual is MLM orientated so focus on the friendship first and foremost. There will come a natural point that you can discuss this, so do so when it is the right moment.

Step Eight
If handled in a genuine way rather than a salesman going in to grab a sale the percentage of that individual joining your program is going to be very probable, after all people buy people.

Facebook provide the vehicle to recruit albeit under the strict rules of the relationship, the real skill comes with then developing that all important “relationship”.