How To Spot A SCAM

How to spot an investment SCAM.

Sadly, I see more and more people losing their life savings with scams online. The current big fakes are usually based around a very plausible story e.g. Forex investing, professional poker playing, gold mining, binary options trading and even recently a plastics recycling opportunity.

Any website that offers you more than 10% per year on your investment should be treated with utmost caution.

Look for PROOF.

A website is not proof. A video testimonial is not proof. Other people “getting paid” is not proof.

There are investments out there that can give good returns, but like I say, be VERY cautious. If they are real, there will be plenty of third party PROOF. ALWAYS look for PROOF that the underlying asset is actually being traded. Any genuine opportunity will be more than willing to show the actual trading that is happening and they will always be able to provide third party proof.

Here’s a very sobering story (well worth a read)

I hope that helps you. Feel free to comment below.