Rockwell Partners – vanished?

Today I learned that Rockwell Partners have apparently stopped paying. No surprises there, a classic HYIP (High Yield Investment Programme – i.e. scam!). Just thought I’d post this so it’s on the record.

It was a great looking website, but that’s why it suckered so many people in. Here’s a simple test – if there’s no REAL PRODUCT people want to buy (irrespective of the business opportunity) then RUN for the hills!

Here’s the alexa ranking today:

rockwell partners 23-6-14

Have a look at Alexa in a few days time and you should see what’s happened to the graph. A total cliff edge, typical of a scam. Most HYIP’s do not last as long as this – around 100 days tops.

Simple advice – avoid HYIP’s.

There’s plenty of real businesses out there that can make you money for years – check them out here.