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+1,600% ROI in 18 months?

From the desk of Paul Hardingham, 4th May 2023:

In 2016 I became a shareholder in a British company called Britannia’s Gold Ltd (BGL). BGL is a specialist marine salvage company whose function is to recover high value cargoes (such as gold and silver) from British ships sunk during the first and second world war. BGL has extensive research data compiled over the last 30 years on over 700 British shipwrecks. This is not a random treasure hunt. BGL is a professional asset recovery business based on documented evidence, ships inventory lists and eye witness accounts.

Over the last couple of years, BGL has concentrated salvage operations on a large passenger liner sunk by a German u-Boat in the Second World War. This wreck is similar in size to the Titanic and lies deep off the North West coast of Ireland. BGL believes this wreck contains 19 tonnes of gold, worth over $1.2billion in today’s money.

BGL is a privately owned business and its operations have been funded entirely by shareholders. However, a major new investor has expressed a desire to invest a substantial sum of money into the salvage program. In order to release these funds and reduce their risk, they have insisted BGL to expand their salvage program to include another 5 wrecks.

BGL has agreed and has said it will obtain high definition, 3D photographic surveys of 5 new target wrecks to satisfy the requirements to release funds from the new investor. Carrying out surveys is a relatively easy task for the BGL team as they have done this many times before but it still requires additional and separate funding.

And this is where BGL has created an exciting new investment opportunity.

BGL wants to raise an additional £1million to carry out these surveys. They have formed a new private company specifically for this purpose and investors in this new company will stand to double their money as they survey results will be sold at twice the cost. As an additional bonus, investors will also receive a small share of the total value of cargoes recovered.

Private investors in the survey company could see a total return of 16.1x on their investment.

For example, personally I have invested £15,000 which means purely from the survey results I should at least double my money. But adding in the salvage, my total return could be as much as £241.500. That’s enough to clear the mortgage with a £15K investment. The minimum investment is £5K and personally, I believe there’s at least a 90% chance we’ll double our money, but do bear in mind, this is not guaranteed and we could lose our entire investment so don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

What’s next? 

BGL only need a few more investors so If you’re interested, drop me a line ASAP and I’ll walk you through the specific details and answer any questions you might have.

Hope to chat soon:

Paul HardinghamWhatsApp/Mobile +44 7950 024433Email paul@paulhardingham.com