16x in 18 months


16x your money in The Next 12-18 months?!


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You are not making any commitment at this stage. I simply want let you have the full details so you can make an informed decision if you wish to invest.

  • Minimum investment £5,000
  • UK investors only
  • Get the full information and then decide
  • Act NOW – Limited window of opportunity, closes anytime soon.
  • 16x your money in 12-18 months
  • One-time only investment


00:00Hi there, I’ve got a really exciting opportunity for you. It’s an investment opportunity, the potential to make a 16 fold return on your money in the next 12 to 18 months. That’s huge returns, but it’s a genuine opportunity. Okay, so this, I know it sounds really scammy and unlikely, but personally I think it is very likely. I’ve invested £15,000 of my own money into this project and so if we do get a 16 fold return We’re talking a just under quarter of a million pounds in the next 18 months. So £240,000 return So what I want to do in this video is just give you a little bit of background to myself a little bit of background To the opportunity, but I’m not going to do any sales presentation or anything like that, this is simply to let you have enough information to say if you would like more information or not. So first a bit of background to myself if you are not aware of who I am.

00:59My name is Paul Hardingham and for the last 22 years I have been working for myself, working from home and building websites and promoting products and services online. And that is my full time job. I have been doing that since I was in my early 30s. Now for the last 8 years I’ve been involved with an investment club where we’ve been investing in early stage and start up businesses. And one of those businesses now have a really interesting angle and opportunity. And this is where you can come in and potentially get a 16 fold return on your money in the next 12 to 18 months. Now I’m not going to go into the details on that project on this video. I simply want to let you know that the opportunity is available. It’s a limited window of time because they only need a certain amount of funding to start their project which will as minimum double your money but potentially if it goes really well it could give you a 16 fold return. So minimum investment is £5,000 pounds. If you cannot afford to risk £5,000 pounds this is definitely not for you if you can Then you know do reach out to me. We can run through the details I can do a zoom I can run through a PowerPoint let you see all the specifics All the breakdown of costings and the potential returns give you details who’s behind the project what the projects all about.

02:25This is a long-running established project but a new angle, a new opportunity within this project. So yeah, let me know if you’re interested. My contact details are below. Like I said, this is not to give you a sales presentation. This is simply the opportunity for you to say, yeah, Paul, I’m interested. Let me know some more details. We’ll run through, get on a Zoom, let me share my screen so you can see all the details. So do reach out to me, give me a phone call, give me a text message, send me an email, whatever method works best for you.

03:02Let’s get together and take about half an hour to run through all the details. You can then make an informed decision if this is or is not for you. The only minimum requirement is that you would, if this does turn out to be a good investment opportunity for you, you need at least £5,000. We’re only looking for a handful of people to work with, maybe ten or fifteen people, so if that includes you, then do reach out as soon as you possibly can. Wish you all the best, have a fantastic day, we’ll speak to you soon.

Capital at risk. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

This page is for information only should not be taken as investment advice.