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My First Million Dollars – What Would You Do?

My First Millions Dollars

What would you do? Take the million dollars or be true to yourself?

When you watch the video below you may recognise this guy. If you ask any teenager they will almost certainly recognise him. He has become a phenomenon on the internet.

There is a lot of commentary about this video.

  • "It’s a fake to get more likes on Vine where he is followed by millions"
  • "He makes enough from his new fame from television appearances, etc"

What do you think?

This is a guy who grew up in a world of dysfunction, busy trying to conform to what society thought was best for him but then decides to drop out of business school and buy a one way ticket to China. During his trip he meets a fellow traveller who asks the question…

“You’re 99 years old and on your death bed and you have one chance to come back to RIGHT NOW! What would you do?”

What would YOU do…..seriously! When you finish reading this post think about it for a few minutes.

The “freedom lifestyle” is NOT about laying around all your life on one long vacation. It’s about living a life where you adopt a different mindset, enjoy life more, do things you normally would not do, be more adventurous…..the things people typically do on vacation.

I’ve always been a pretty conventional guy accept when it comes to work.

Even though I am fast approaching 50, I have only had 9 years of my life where I’ve worked for other people. The rest of my life I have worked for myself or been in education.

When I look at a lot of people over 30 who follow convention they don’t look that happy or satisfied to me. No offence, but they just appear comfortably numb.

I imagine most people (if and when) they get to 99 wish they had made more of their life. They wish they didn't just live by other people's convention and "rules". Maybe you disagree and that’s ok and I’m not here to try to change your mind, but I would like to at least challenge you to consider it.

So, let me have your comments - how does this video make you feel?

Have a great day - but make sure you live it according to your inner self, don't just work like a clockwork robot!



  1. I need only $ 300.000.00 to be happy. Thanks you.

    • I think you’ve missed the point. Money is not the source of happiness. It’s being free to make your choices about your life. Living life on your terms, being FREE.

  2. This is amazing. Life is about the choices and how we make them. Winners never quit and Quitters never win.

    • Spot on Raphael!

  3. i need that one million dola where can i get it

    • It’s not about the $1million dollars. That’s the point he’s trying to make in the video.

  4. It’s a cool story, but he clearly makes money already from what he does,an still lives the life he wants, an this was just about keeping his freedom and not handing it over.

    • I think that’s probably part of his point and said by may business gurus aswell – if you love what you do, you will do it well and you stand a good chance of being able to earn from that. There are a LOT of people who hate their jobs and will probably therefore never achieve freedom in life until they get out of that job.

  5. That’s right! My life is not for sale and I keep making it new every day!

    • Amen!

  6. i dont want a million i just want a small amount for everyday living where can i get it

    • Again, that’s my point. It’s NOT about the money – it’s about the FREEDOM. If you can live on $100 a day, then $120 and you are “rich”. It’s all relative, but at the end of the day, we all need money in the way the world works to be able to survive. But what most people seem to forget is that a “job” is not the only way to make a living, but most jobs really do suck your time away because no employer is going to pay you more than they need to keep you in the job. As soon as you ask for too much money they will employ someone else willing to work for less so what we have in society today is a workforce that is constantly spending more than they earn and the national debts are sky rocketing.

      Self sufficiency is the only solution I can see which is why I want to encourage as many people as possible to think outside the box that’s been taught to them in school by people who are also in the “employment treadmill”.

      Would you take career advice from a teacher or someone who is truly “free” from the constraints of a job?

  7. Hi Paul.

    You cannot ignore money entirely unless you are prepared to steal, live off the land or starve. Having quit your job to go into business may make some employers reluctant to hire you.

    You can throw in your job and think you are free, but then things can go horribly wrong. If you give up your job, be prepared for disappointment and a tough time. It may not happen but be prepared for it.

    • Hi Frank,

      Don’t worry. I am totally aware I am virtually unemployable. I would not want to work for someone else ever again if I can help it. Go back 200 years and it was the normal to not have an employer. It’s a very modern (and I think very damaging) phenomena.

      People lose their jobs every day – and there is NO security in not being able to be self sufficient.

      I am not urging people to quit their job without having a PLAN. You cannot just throw in your job and expect to make a living. You need to get SKILLED and have DEDICATION and SELF DISCIPLINE.

      Learn those things and it’s totally possible to never have to work for someone else ever again. We only get one life and I for one don’t intend to spend it, selling my time to someone else for their benefit and I simply want others to live their lives to their fullest too.

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