Keep on, keeping on

A quick tip for success online…

When I first started making money online back in around 1998 there were very few of us doing what I was doing. It was all fresh and unexplored territory. Google only launched in Sept 1998. Twitter hadn’t been thought of, neither had Bing, Facebook or many other big names. However, whilst no-one really knew where it was all going (at least not in specific terms) – in one sense it was a lot “easier” because there were far fewer distractions.

Step forward 15 years and now it seems almost everyone is “connected 24-7”. Smart phones pinging, way more websites that any human could actually view in a lifetime, it’s all just a bit crazy.

However, one thing remains the same – to make money online you HAVE to have a PRODUCT people are willing to pay for. It’s a simple business fact that hasn’t changed even though the way people “do” business has changed so much in a decade.

So, my tip for today if you want to make your way in today’s online market place is this…. find a GREAT company with a GREAT product and GREAT compensation and then STICK with it. Work your socks off, keep focussed and shut yourself off to any other distractions. BUILD your business for at least 6 months before getting distracted by other stuff. That’s the only way I see anyone making it to a full-time income these days online.

I’m not saying do not keep one eye out for other opportnuities, but simply don’t get tempted by the shiny objects. Jot down details of anything that looks interesting and if it’s a really good opportunity it will still be a good opportunity in 6 months time (after you’ve finished the manic phase of your current project). This will also have the added benefit that if the opportunity you see has not grown in the 6 months you’ve been busy being productive, then you know not to waste your time on that “great opportunity” after all.

It appears everyone wants instant success these days. It doesn’t happen like that in reality. Success takes TIME and EFFORT.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Feel free to share and comment. Thanks.

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