Joys of working from home

Today I came down to my office to find my kids had written some surprising messages for me on my whiteboard (yes they love drawing and writing on my office whiteboard)…

I thought I’d shoot a quick video to record the moment both for myself and also to hopefully give some inspiration to anyone else wanting to achieve freedom of lifestyle of being able to work from home.

Do I care about earning mega bucks? No! This is what I do it for – to be able to live in the moment with my family.


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2 responses to “Joys of working from home”

  1. Hey! I came across this site on Twitter. I am posting to find which theme you’re using
    on your page, I would like to use the theme that you’re using so I can put it on my blog (soundcloud to mp3).

    Thank you!

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      I use this company – you get access to ALL their themes and fantastic customer support all for $69 a year I think –

      Thanks for asking, and I hope that helps. All the best, Paul.