Hair cut and success – what’s the link?

Today I got my hair cut and it got me thinking…. here’s a quick lesson about making money outside of your day job


Please watch my video and comment below. Thanks.

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  1. Hi,

    I couldnt watch the video as I am on mobile and video is not being played.

    I would love to know if you have anything interesting to earn while at home.


    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      OK thanks for letting me know you can’t see the video. Out of interest are you on an android or a iphone?

  2. Another good evaluation on time
    Glad you had a good holiday
    I am pleased to say that I have taken the plunge and advanced to VIP status . mainly for the training I need and having a friend joining me. Charles wants to approach businesses to show the Pureleaverage .
    products .
    we go away 8th May until 8th June so learning as much as I can before then.
    Have a good weekend Sally

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Thanks for the update Sally – have a great time away if I don’t catch up with you before that. Paul.

  3. Hi Paul
    Its always great to have your own business and being your own boss
    Love to watch your video always
    And been learning alot from u always
    God bess you
    Enjoy !!

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Thanks, that’s very kind of you.

  4. Would like to here more on this marketing

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      OK keep in touch, add yourself to my mailing list at if you haven’t already done that and I will keep you posted with news and developments. Thanks.

  5. It’s making a sense to me Even thinking about worst things is also wasting of time. But at the same time i would also ask Paul how many millionaire you’ve made since your online struggling ?

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      I have not made millionaires. I am realistic and don’t want to earn millions – I am happy to be happy and have freedom to choose when and where I work without having to have flashy cars etc.

  6. Hey Paul,

    Nice to hear you went away, Italy sure has a lot of history. I`m glad, as an engineer,you stopped the Tower of Pizza from falling further ! As for your time savings observations, I concur, because while I am unemployed I get around during the day and get more things done ! Good observation for business and I like your projection of real time loss!!
    Kind Regards

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Thanks Roy, it was quite surprising how much the tower leans. My wife wanted to go to the top – but I didn’t fancy that myself. Best regards, Paul.

  7. Harry Leonard Avatar
    Harry Leonard

    I’m in the Pure Leverage business under you Paul.
    The only thing you need to do is get good leads …. its getting the leads that convert that’s almost impossible.
    Clixsense and all that a total waste of time in my opinion.
    I’m now using Deagam Smith if this fails its really a waste of time and money.

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Hi Harry, sorry to hear you’re feeling down about PureLeverage. You are absolutely right that you need good leads – that’s the same for any business on the planet. Good customers and good leads that’s the name of the game. All I can say is that I have had some good leads from Clixsense in the past. How much have you actually spent on Clixsense?

      Sometimes people say “this doesn’t work” when all they’ve done is spend $50 in advertising. In the UK that sort of money doesn’t even buy you half a tank of fuel for a car, let alone establish a global business. Compare PureLeverage to a franchise (most franchises in the UK cost about $30,000 to set up and you don’t make a profit for about 3 years) so in that sense I still stick to PureLeverage as a great business.

      Please feel free to give me a detailed breakdown of what advertising you have done – how many clicks, was it targetted to specific countries and Clixsense users etc? then I will be able to give you a more detailed response. Thanks. Paul.

      1. Harry Leonard Avatar
        Harry Leonard

        Hello Paul,

        Honestly I’ve spend a good few hundred pounds on Clixsense.
        I only targeted UK,USA,AUS.

        I have 3 people in my down line and they all came from Facebook paid ads.

        But, I’m sure you know Facebook change the rules all the time, its now impossible to advertise a home business on FB.

        Do you know of a good social media site that allows you to promote a home business via paid ads?

        I think most people need more help with promoting their business and a good co-op would help.

        I agree with you lots of people think you can make money online without spending money … but that’s impossible.

        I’ve seen the Utility Warehouse do you think It would be possible to use that to sell mobile phones on Facebook.

        1. Harry Leonard Avatar
          Harry Leonard

          Hello Paul,
          My username is goodlife4u2.

          I have to admit to not promoting Pure leverage on Clixsense but another product.

          Do you not feel most are just clicking ads to make a penny … these people

          will never spend money on advertising.
          I did use the premium members

          I use the Simple Money System to promote PL and I know the members came from FB because that was all I was promoting on.

          I tried your Skype method but I’m more of a paid advert type of marketer.

          That’s why in using The Home Business Agency and Deagan Smith.

          1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
            Paul Hardingham

            Hi Harry,

            Aha! So as I said, with Clixsense (as any other form of advertising) it’s not just about Clixsense – it’s about YOUR offer matching the audience. I won’t ask what you were promoting in Clixsense, but I will tell you I’ve personally spent over $2,500 on clixsense advertising in the last 7 years. For me it has been very valuable advertising – it allows you to very quickly test a campaign and potentially build a team which if they are then taught the same thing, can take off from there. Anyway, I’m sure you know that, but just saying.

            Yes of course most people on Clixsense are there to make money by clicking on ads. But the whole point about advertising is conversions. If you imagined Clixsense as being a group of people at a gym club (all with the common aim of getting fit in this example), then if you looked at 1,000 people in the gym club you’d find that 3 have got a terminal illness they didn’t have 6 months ago, 7 may be pregnant, 12 may have lost a job, 78 may have decided they no longer like their job, 3 would be divorced in the next 6 months etc. The point I’m making is that in a group of 1,000 people you get all sorts if situations that change day by day. Same with Clixsense users, MOST at any one moment are looking simply to earn $0.01 by clicking on an ad, but SOME will have been doing that for the last 6 months and will TODAY decide “It’s time I did something else” and actually pay attention to your ad etc.

            It’s all about numbers.

            I like paid advertising – it shows you quick results. I also like the skype method for looking for big hitters – but they are very different marketing methods and I always encourage people to go with what they are most comfortable with – but whatever you do, go BIG and stick with it until you have PROOF it’s not working.

            Hope that helps, Paul.

  8. Lingeswary Avatar

    Please let me have any ideas to earn from home. I am sick and tired of being on someone else’s clock and wasting long hours. The worst is you sit and kill time to finish up the agreed hours even though you have no work to do. I would appreciate your help to set up a real business of my own although I am not an internet person.

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Sure. check out my site at – there’s currently 6 great businesses I list that you can start with to break free from the 9 to 5 trap. Once you’ve had a good look, let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like some help with. Thanks, Paul.

  9. I enjoyed this video Paul, and I am in the beginning stages now for a few years on trying to start my own home based business, as you can see I sent you my website, I hope you check it out and sign up as well as help me make residual income from home through your own strategies. I am very upbeat and sincere and just would love to learn how to make more money. Thanks. Matt.

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Hi Matt, great to hear from you. I’ll check out your website when I get a chance. Just to say though, the key with making money online is to actually “DO IT” which is what you’re doing. We all started sometime from the same place – no customers, no list, no clue. Keep at it, don’t give up and you can make it a success. Most people give up too soon and easily. Thanks for posting your comments. Paul.

  10. I cant see your video .give me some thing to do..

    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Do you have access to another device to browse?