Free Opportunity

Looking for a FREE way to make money online?

If you seriously have NO MONEY to invest in yourself but want to make money online, or you just simply don’t agree to paying money to sell someone else’s products then watch the video below to see the offer I have for you. Please watch ALL the video.

Please also be aware, as I say in the video, if you are not prepared to invest money in yourself and starting your business, it will be HARDER for you to make money, but not impossible. But I urge you to realise all businesses cost money and you should not look to make money online without an investment on your part.


I am working with a company called PureLeverage who pay their resellers 100% commission of the first month subscription of any customers you refer as a reseller plus 50% lifetime commission on the monthly subscription of each customer. It costs just $44.95 per month to be a reseller (with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee), however if you cannot afford to pay $45.95, then keep reading.

Here’s the system I’ve put together which explains how PureLeverage makes resellers money – – take a look at the system so you can understand more about the product and opportunity and then come back here to continue reading how to make money with this, risk free.

If you refer customers to MY PureLeverage account, I will pay you back the commission I earn on those customers (the first month) via Paypal. So, for example if you refer 2 or more customers you will then have enough money to register yourself as a reseller and you can then be in this business risk free.


Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: This is the referral link you will need to use: – replacing ABCD with your OWN Chosen “username” so I can track your referrals to my account. You need to get this link in front of as many people as possible. Use Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype, Classified Ads etc. You can get some good marketing tips from my site.

Step 2: Contact me on Skype (my skype id is ‘paulhardingham’ ) and let me know that you are promoting the link.

Step 3: When you think you’ve promoted the link to have got some customers, get in touch with me via skype and ask me to check my account to see if you have made any referrals. If so, then I will send you the money via Paypal.

I have to manually check the records, so please do not ask me every time you’ve told just 1 person?! You need to share your link with 100’s or 1,000’s of people before you can expect to get a sale.

Thanks, and I wish you all the best.