Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Tool – A very brief review

I am always keen to learn about new tools to help me work more efficiently and produce better work. In the past I have used Videoscribe for making some explainer videos but it is incredibly time consuming still.

A new tool I have been introduced to today is called https://www.renderforest.com/

Initial inspection suggests this could be a brilliant resource for making engaging and exciting explainer videos.

My only reservation here as with all such tools is the amount of time it will take me to learn the process and then spending hours and hours trawling through their library looking for the right videos which even then don’t quite match what I have in my head or have as a script.

Maybe the problem would be solved by me changing what is in my head and just use the tool to do what it can do best? Either way, I thought it looks good enough to add to my blog so I can find the details again later on. 

It certainly looks better than PowToons which I have also used in the past albeit again, wasting hours and hours for not particularly impressive results compared to just using my existing Camtasia Studio skills. Ho hum.