I just wanted to record this moment on my own blog.

Last year I joined a company to watch and see how they developed. They were very new and I’ve had more than my fair share of start-up failures so I didn’t want to have another. Patience is a virtual and costs nothing when it comes to evaluating a new business opportunity. Hence, I joined and watched.. and watched… and watched.

Well, I came back from a 2 month break from the Summer and they announced a new pay plan and new corporate team members. Normally I am VERY nervous when a company changes their pay plan. It usually happens because some bright spark distributor wants to make changes in their personal favor rather than to the benefit of the whole company.

Well, not in this case. The pay plan was SIMPLIFIED – just as Richard Koch (I am a HUGE fan!) would advise anyone does with any of their businesses/products.

BOOM this is now ready.

I feel the same buzz and excitement I had years ago when I first started making money online – I wish I could put it in a bottle and have a drink on the days when things don’t seem quite so good. I can see a very clear goal ahead of me, this is a company I am so excited to be working with. I think we can go a LONG way with this one.

Happy days!