I was just checking my site when I realised I hadn’t posted a new blog post for over 18 months. That’s rather remiss of me and might have led you to believe I’m no longer active online?!

Far from it.

So what can I tell you that’s new? Well, a few days ago I just passed my 19th anniversary of making a full time living from the internet.  Scary how fast time flies by. It seems to get faster every year.

However, I am as excited today as I was the first day I started working for myself. I’m still learning new things (today for instance I am learning how to accept payments on my website) and life is great fun.

So, if you were wondering is it really possible to earn a living from the internet, long term, just on your own? YES it is and I am living proof it can be done. 19 years of messing around on the internet and I’m still going strong. Want to do the same? Give me a shout.