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So, Ethereum and storj are two that i am following really closely right now. Ethereum's githib is here

and, if you goto the ISSUES section you can see where the developers are chatting about various changes in the code. If you understand a little bit of coding, you can sometimes figure out what they are doing before they get there.

Many of the projects also release a whitepaper, which is very technical, but if you know what to look for, you can sometimes pick the winners from the scams.

Also, most of these projects have a REDDIT sub where it's fans post related news. All of this comes into play when finding the right projects to back.

Storj is similar, here is their github:

and their slack:

so you join in there and watch what's going on, Almost every time there is about to be a new release I watch the price go up. The next trick is being able to know when it's hit the because it can go down even quicker if new problems are discovered.

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