Cimema Tickets 2 for 1 for a YEAR (for real bargain hunters)

Half price Cinema tickets (2 for 1) every week for a whole YEAR for as little as £1.37 (UK only)

Calling all bargain hunters – this is really SIMPLES…

I was listening the to radio the other day when I heard an advert from “Compare the meerkats”. I don’t normally pay much notice to radio adverts this one caught my attention. They are offering 2 for 1 on cinema tickets for a whole year if you purchase something from their site…

Simples! Just buy a short UK trip insurance policy and at the moment that will qualify you.

Apparently some people have purchased a UK trip insurance policy for as little as £1.37. That means you can get half price cinema tickets for a whole year for less than £2. Now, that’s what I call a real bargain.

In the terms and conditions, trip insurance does qualify for the offer – although it is worth noting they do also say they can change their policy any time they want i.e. it may not still exist by the time you apply because I’m sure they will have a limited supply of vouchers from the cinemas. However, you will see on the site when you apply for travel insurance if they are still offering the deal.

Go to now and qualify for your 2 for 1 movie tickets.

Here’s my short movie of me qualifying for my free cinema tickets for a year.