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Staged V3.0 is launched

Posted by on Nov 27, 2014 in Opportunity Reviews, Success Tips, traffic | Comments Off on Staged V3.0 is launched

Staged V3.0 has just launched and I’ve got to say, I am MIGHTY impressed. Essentially Staged allows you to take ANY Youtube video and put it on a “stage”. Around that stage you have full control on editing, allowing you to link to any site you want. Effectively that means Stage allows you to create unlimited mini websites based on viral YouTube videos that in themselves could also go viral, giving you potentially masses of FREE traffic. What an awesome tool. Probably only best for those who already have big Facebook contact lists, mailing lists or some other way to get enough people to start commenting on their video in the first place to ensure it goes viral. To learn more, visit

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Traffic Ideas – Looking for JV partners

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Success Tips, traffic | Comments Off on Traffic Ideas – Looking for JV partners

Just jotting down some ideas here: Sub reddits – – get a few friends to rank your item and you could be on the first page of sub reddits (don’t worry about being on front page) Buzzsumo – who is getting their content shared – these people listing their stuff are good to work with in JV’s Check out the people promoting equivalent products e.g. financial products, find the affiliates = clickbank, clicksure, cpaoffers etc. Get them to list your own link ASWELL as (don’t ask them to remove old link) Look for YouTube marketers Look for bloggers i.e. do a search for subject +”blog”...

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