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Cimema Tickets 2 for 1 for a YEAR (for real bargain hunters)

Posted by on Jun 10, 2015 in Bargains, Fun, Others | Comments Off on Cimema Tickets 2 for 1 for a YEAR (for real bargain hunters)

Half price Cinema tickets (2 for 1) every week for a whole YEAR for as little as £1.37 (UK only) Calling all bargain hunters – this is really SIMPLES… I was listening the to radio the other day when I heard an advert from “Compare the meerkats”. I don’t normally pay much notice to radio adverts this one caught my attention. They are offering 2 for 1 on cinema tickets for a whole year if you purchase something from their site… Simples! Just buy a short UK trip insurance policy and at the moment that will qualify you. Apparently some people have purchased a UK trip insurance policy for as little as £1.37. That means you can get half price cinema tickets for a whole year for less than £2. Now, that’s what I call a real bargain. In the...

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DS Domaination

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Others | Comments Off on DS Domaination

This is my link to DS Domaination – I’ve just purchased the domain having seen that a lot of searches (according to Alexa) are for DS Domaination rather than DS Domination. I can see why people are making that mistake. So, a link from my blog might help get my new site googled and then let’s just wait and see if Drop Ship domination ensues. Exciting...

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