sad-dogIf you’ve woken up today feeling bluer than you usually do on a Monday morning, you probably won’t be alone. Today – Monday, January 19 – is the gloomiest, unhappiest day of this new year, say experts.

The good news is, 2015 gets better…

starting tomorrow. Or, if you’re an optimist, starting right NOW.

The grimness of ‘Blue Monday’ is believed to be caused by several factors – the realisation that you’ve spent far too much in the holiday season of Christmas and New Year, the accompanying knowledge that you also ate far too much and piled on extra kilos, and the fear that you’ve made new year resolutions you will be unable to keep. All this, plus the relentlessly dull weather.

Experts say that people tend to cope with ‘Blue Monday’ by hoping money worries will go away and loading up on coffee and sugar. They advise you to do exactly the opposite.

Meanwhile, here are five ways to make it through today.

1) Play your favourite music. Instant mood uplift.

2) Call a friend and talk about something fun you did, or are going to do.

3) Plan a future vacation.

4) Go out for a great meal.

5) Start a home based business.

Huh? Yes! That’s right. Starting a home based business is a LOT easier than you think and can really give you a focus and purpose and new drive. It’s a challenge, something new to work towards and potentially very lucrative.

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Have FUN on Blue Monday and if you get it right, you might never feel Blue again!


3 responses to “Blue Monday”

  1. Lovely post Paul!

    Readers, I can recommend starting a home business, and even more so, I can recommend you have Paul Hardingham as your mentor!

    All the best


    1. Paul Hardingham Avatar
      Paul Hardingham

      Thanks Trevor,

      It was your email about “Blue Monday” that alerted me in the first place.

      I also have proof that today really was Blue Monday. My kids said that apparently the teachers were in a fowl mood today. Two teachers who never usually lose their cool had a right royal scream at the class 😉


  2. It was a sad and at the same time the “magic Monday”, though briefly forgotten about what happened to us.
    We would like to, and others more such Mondays.
    Thank you Paul for a bit of optimism.
    I greet with my family.:)