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Did you invest in Goobets/BeWiseTrader?

1st October 2015: I did not invest in BeWiseTrader because there were too many "red flags" indicating that it was nothing more than an illegal recruitment driven, pyramid scheme. No one ever showed me proof that there were real traders making real trades in the international sports markets using the money contributed by "investors". The spectacular returns that were being promised were almost certainly just the new money being paid in by new recruits being paid out to those at the top of the pyramid. It would collapse it's just not possible to predict when.

Just like all pyramid schemes tend to go over time, it now looks like it has collapsed.​

I have taken some screenshots of comments from people in the private Facebook. The main UK leaders were Simon Patmore and Darren Barton and I hope they will have the decency to refund the stolen money. I hope this might help you save your money or help you find a way of getting your stolen money back.

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