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Exciting Days

Posted by on Feb 6, 2020 in Working from home | Comments Off on Exciting Days

I was just checking my site when I realised I hadn’t posted a new blog post for over 18 months. That’s rather remiss of me and might have led you to believe I’m no longer active online?! Far from it. So what can I tell you that’s new? Well, a few days ago I just passed my 19th anniversary of making a full time living from the internet.  Scary how fast time flies by. It seems to get faster every year. However, I am as excited today as I was the first day I started working for myself. I’m still learning new things (today for instance I am learning how to accept payments on my website) and life is great fun. So, if you were wondering is it really possible to earn a living from the internet, long term, just...

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Life after delivery

Posted by on May 6, 2019 in Makes you think | Comments Off on Life after delivery

Life after deliveryHere's an interesting perspective...  Continue...

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Explainer Videos

Posted by on Jan 14, 2019 in education, Reviews | Comments Off on Explainer Videos

Explainer Video Tool - A very brief reviewI am always keen to learn about new tools to help me work more efficiently and produce better work. In the past I have used Videoscribe for making some explainer videos but it is incredibly time consuming still.A new tool I have been introduced to today is called Continue...

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Sextortion emails from fraudsters “Security alert… password must be changed”

Posted by on Nov 29, 2018 in education, scams | Comments Off on Sextortion emails from fraudsters “Security alert… password must be changed”

Recently there’s been a massive spate of “Sextortion” emails sent to millions of email accounts asking for a ransom not to publish information about your personal life. What has worried so many people in this hack is that people have been told their valid passwords as part of the extortion email. Here’s an example of the email subject line: Security Alert. EMAIL ADDRESS has password PASSWORD. Password must be changed. Initially these emails were also showing as having been sent from the email address of the user which made them feel even more sinister as if the hackers had access to your personal email account. However, it was explained that this is very easy to achieve by using an anonymous email sender such as  So, that’s that part of the mystery sorted, but how did they get the passwords?...

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Simple Facebook Marketing Strategy

Posted by on Aug 29, 2017 in Success Tips, Working from home | Comments Off on Simple Facebook Marketing Strategy

The Facebook Marketing Strategy Objective, to be able to find suitable people for your MLM and then be able to Sponsor them into your program! Step One Complete your Facebook profile: books, videos, sports, films TV ect…..FILL IN ALL coupled with at least portrait photo of yourself. Step Two Join Groups relevant to MLM (you are on FB for the primary reason of locating suitable prospects for your MLM and not there of idle chit-chat). Step Three When accepted in a group look through the ranks of people there, select individuals who look the part, look at their profiles and look at the OTHER things that they are interested in (films, books videos ect) that correspond to your interests. Step Four Send a short message along the lines of hi (name) my name is Paul Hardingham, I spotted you...

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