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About Paul


My name is Paul Hardingham, and I was born and grew up in Essex, UK.

The early years:

I didn’t particularly enjoy school and wanted to leave and start work as soon as I could. However in reality I didn’t know what sort of work I wanted to do so I stayed on at school for A levels and a few years later I went on to get a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering before starting full-time work as an electronics design engineer.

2 years in a dark room

I remained an electronics engineer for 2 years – working for a company with over 2,500 people on one site. There were very few windows in the buildings (it was “secretive” work) so in the winter I would arrive at 8am, leave at 5pm and the only daylight I’d see was if I went out for lunch. I didn’t particularly enjoy working there but it was a real eye opener and a great experience.

As an alternative source of income I started trading the stock market and made some very good money (some months I’d make more money buying and selling shares than I was making working 37 hours a week for my employer). By this stage I knew I wanted to be my own boss and not work for someone else.

Change of direction

My father and both his brothers had worked in “sales” and the idea of meeting people and travelling around appealled to me. So after a couple of years as an electronics designer I looked for a job in technical sales and very soon took a new job with a small family run electronics firm in Hertfordshire. I spent 7 years there and again, learned a lot about how business works. One thing I learned was “you’ll never get rich working for someone else” even if it’s a small business where you can influence the direction of the company. Now, I’ve never had a desire to be “rich” but I have always wanted to have the freedom to choose when and how I work.

Amazing invention that changed the world forever!

In the late 1990’s I learned about the internet. I instantly saw that this would change the world forever. I got myself a PC and eventually worked out how to connect it to “bulletin boards” (pre-internet). In 1999 started buying domain names. One of my domains is “”. I bought this way before people thought it would ever be possible to watch movies online. I like to feel I have an ability to think one step ahead of the crowd;-)

The big jump!

In 2001 I had learned enough skills to be able to create websites and enough confidence to quit my corporate job. I left behind the company car, private pension and good salary and on 1st Feb 2001 I woke up without the alarm clock for the first time in 20 years! What an amazing day and I still remember it clearly as if it were yesterday.

A shaky start.

At the start I was barely covering my costs, but after about 12 months working all hours, I cracked it. I have been fortunate enough to make a full-time living for myself from the internet ever since.

I believe anyone can make money on-line but the key thing you must have is a “reason”, a “why”.

Here’s some cold hard truth for you: If you are comfortable doing what you’re currently doing then you are probably unlikely to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve success on your own (i.e. investment of time and money). But if you do have a real burning desire or reason then there’s no reason you cannot do what I have done.

Help and assistance

On this site you will find more information about how you can set yourself free from the daily 9-5 routine. You only get one shot at life, so give it your BEST shot and start making your dreams your reality.

Feel free to contact me on the contact me page if you want any assistance.

This website is for my business related activities.

Above all, have fun!



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