3 tips to help you find a real business opportunity and avoid the scams

Sometimes it’s not easy trying to work out if a “business opportunity” really is an opportunity at all. Here’s 3 sites I regularly use to determine what opportunities are worth more time and effort investigating…

The first site I always check is www.Alexa.com – it’s a great site to get third party independent view on how well (how popular) a particular website is being received world wide. Look for companies with a ranking of 100,000+ and RISING, not FALLING.

The second site I like to use is www.who.is – this allows you to find out just how long a domain name has been registered and who it’s been registered by. For instance, a domain name that’s only been registered for 1 year by an anonymous organisation or individual is HIGHLY suspect.

The third site is the “wayback machine” – http://web.archive.org – this is a great site to see what a website used to look like in the past. For instance, if a website has been registered for a few years, that doesn’t always mean it’s the same owner who has owned it for that period of time. By looking at snapshots of the past, you will be able to see if the opportunity being presented to you is new (i.e. riskier) or established (less risky).

Here’s my video showing you how I use these sites. I hope it helps you in choosing GREAT businesses rather than wasting your time with phoney scams.



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  1. This is a real great information! Thank you! I like it

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    That was valid information and greatly appreciated. Looking forward to doing business with you in the near future

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      Paul Hardingham

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  3. Thank for the tips given. Also the website must have padlock for scam phishing, full address, founder/management, email/fax/phone and agrement

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      Paul Hardingham

      Good advice. Thanks.

  4. Very useful advice. Thankyou. Genuine help like this is very much appreciated.

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