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Paul Hardingham, his wife and youngest daughter

Paul Hardingham, his wife and youngest daughter

Welcome to

My name is Paul Hardingham, and I have been a full-time stay at home, work for myself, digital marketer since 2001.

I am not bothered about striving for vast wealth although clearly money does give more choices in life.

Freedom is about being able to make choices that affect yourself and others for the better. For example, being self employed online, I enjoy being able to choose when and where I work. I also get to enjoy the freedom to be able to take vacations without checking the dates with a boss.

We only get one shot at life, it’s not a dress rehearsal.

If you’re interested in having more freedom in your life (wow this sounds heavy), then check out my website for some tips and ideas. Get in touch with any questions you might have.

Finally, I was never taught by anyone or had a mentor or a background in “digital marketing”. So, if I can do it, I pretty much believe anyone can.

Very best regards,

paul sign

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